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Forged ZB

Titleist ZB Forged irons are high performance, blended cavity-to-muscle back forged irons with traditional feel, superior looks and shot control for the highly skilled player.

The ZB Forged irons blended set features cavity back long irons for playability and partial cavity mid irons blending to muscle back short irons for shot control. The contemporary Z back design precisely distributes weight from the heel into the toe, locating the center of gravity in the center of the face for solid feel.

The traditional profile of the ZB Forged irons includes minimal progressive offset for Tour validated ball flight, trajectory control and workability. The high performance, narrow sole reduces skipping in firm conditions while appropriate bounce reduces digging.

ZB Forged irons also feature dual hosel lengths with a shorter hosel in the long irons to bias weight low for improved launch and a longer hosel in the mid and short irons to manage flight.

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buddha   Shoots in the 70s [Oct 24, 2008]
Model Reviewed: Titleist ZB

I am finishing up my last year of college and decided to pick up a set of these irons while i could still get my school discount. before buying the zbs i tried out the ap2s, callaway x forged and mizuno mp 60s. i decided on the zb's with project x 6.0 shafts. there was not really that much difference in feel between them unless you're really picky. therefore i just went with what looked the cleanest to me and had a good feel. within 2 months of buying these irons i shot my career low, a 64 on a local public course. now did the zb's really help me go low? probably not. what they did do for me though was inspire confidence. the zb's have a very clean look at address that just screams hit me. these irons have minimal offset with an average titleist topline. for the traditional blade player the 3, 4 and 5 may be a bit too thick though.

as far as playability and workability goes, i have not had any problems with either. Off center hits aren't to harsh as long as you get it somewhere close to the center and curving it is fairly simple if you are able to. with that being said i would not recommend these irons to anyone who is a poor ball striker (e.g. can't find the sweet spot fairly consistently, can't crack 80 on an average course). you should probably look into the ap2's or even the ap1's if you want to stay in the titleist line. i would like to say that these will be in my bag for a long time but that just isn't the type of player i am. i tend to switch drivers every year and irons every 2 or 3. if you are trying to take this game serious why handicap yourself with outdated technology. i do commend those of you who are able to stick with a set for 10 or 15 years though, i just don't have that type of loyalty.

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James Kim   Shoots in the 80s [Aug 24, 2008]
Model Reviewed: Titeist ZB Irons

I usually hit from low 80s to high 80s.
Sometimes low 90s. Yesterday I hit 95 with
my new Iron set, which is Titleist ZB Irons. What I realize was this. On most short courses, this irons play just like muscle back irons, simplt because I had to
use shor irons such as 8,9,P. All these short irons have traditional muscle back
types, and you know what it feels like.
So, sacrificing score(?) and distance, what you get is pure feel only if you can hit right. Face of this iron is as small as something like Hogan Apex I used to play. I need a lot of practice rounds to
make this irons work for me. Right now,
it works against my will...hahaha
it correctly !!

bcollins   Shoots in the 80s [Aug 15, 2008]

I started playing a few years back and fell for the big budget marketing of Callaway / Ping - eventually deciding on the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion irons.

However, following a period of intensive practice and playing (36 + holes per week)I felt that it was time to splurge on a new set of irons that could help me (1) groove a more neutral swing path and (2) facilicate me in shaping shots left and right.

After extensive research I came across the Titleist Forged ZB (released in March 2008). Since purchasing them I have played approx 30 rounds, and have found these to be very easy to hit - notwithstanding the usual problems weekend players experience with longer irons.

Importantly, the clubs are beautiful to look down on - thin top line, minimal offset, and a polished chrome finish. I don't know if the zorro style Z at the back of the club head is my cup of tea however. They come as standard with DG300 stiff shafts (note: these shafts are surprisingly high trajectory, notably on 9,8 and PW).

From the playability perspective, they are reasonably forgiving, considering the lack of offset and thin sole. They allow incredible flexibility in shaping the ball both right and left. Also, trajectory control is easy - simply push the ball forward for a higher lift (and vice versa).

Clearly Titleist had a vision for helping lower handicappers by providing full cavities on the three longer irons, blended half MBs on the mid irons and full blades on 8,9 and PW. But that does not mean these should be strictly the preserve of seasoned single figure types. I reckon anyone who is reasonably confident in their ball striking will be rewarded by the pure feel and feedback these irons provide.

When you make contact with - admittedly small - sweetspot, these clubs sing beautifully. They have an incredibly soft feeling but are not dead in any way. And the responsiveness from the stiff shafts only exacerbates the feel. Off center hits lose ~1 club length and the penalty in terms of vibration is pretty manageable. While you will certainly recognise a mis-hit, you wont need to wring your hands.

I have also noticed that the lack of offset forces me to ensure my swing plane is more consistent in back and downswing. Furthermore, any deviation from square in the longer irons will be reflected by a definite hook / slice at the tail of the shot - provided the shot has not purposely been shaped.

It is important to make a good pass at the ball with the clubs. Provided you swing in a relaxed and easygoing manner and keep down and through, these clubs are in my experience unbeatable. I have not had the chance to test the famous Mizunos, but for my money these clubs are a fantastic blend of feel, control and distance. I think I have added 1 club length to my strokes compared to the Callaway fusions.

These clubs are fantastic. They inspire confidence from tee to green. Aim at tucked flags with full confidence in the shot making abilities. Also, the 3 and 4 irons are simply amazing from the tee on long par 3s or long par 5s - especially when negotiating tricky doglegs.

I think they should receive more coverage, but assume that this is more a matter of time than anything. I cannot see myself changing these irons for a decade.

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